Cultural and entertainment capital of the XXI century . His character is marked by the eternal happiness of its people . Madrid is a city for all kinds of events in a variety of places. Meetings and banquets can be held in luxurious palaces and castles or modern buildings Email:


Mediterranean city open to all innovations ; welcoming , multicultural and diverse. The city in which to live and share . Barcelona is a capital city full of cultural energy and passion for progress . A city that combines in their day to day every imaginable facet of diverse activities.


Valencia is one of the largest enclaves of art and cultural renewal in Spain . “The City of the Sea” combines tradition with modernity is in this cozy and edgy city where innovative events are a reality. Email:


Crossroads of cultures, land of jasmine and rosemary, flamenco and bullfighting soul. A passionate , generous and deeply culto.Puente people between Europe and Africa , between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Delight for the senses ; a melting pot of ecosystems and natural areas and source of history, art ,


Jerez de la Frontera is the largest city in the province of Cádiz, is strategically located in the center of this and about 15 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean. Due to its excellent geographical location , halfway between mountains and sea, Jerez offers a wide range of possibilities , visits


The 100 miles of coastline include many resorts , each of which can be considered as an ideal place for your next evento.Todos they make the Costa del Sol the perfect setting for your group whatever your interest : adventure, golf, culture, shopping, sun, beach and nightlife. Email:


This island is also called the “Island of Fire” has a different landscape than any other in the world. The volcanic origins of Lanzarote , golden beaches and its lunar landscape along with the facilities of modern hotel and climate paves the way for success. Email:


The island offers an ideal place to enjoy its varied coastline, where do all kinds of outdoor stage as well as the ability to organize events in very exclusive hotels with a climate with an average of 20 to 25 ° C throughout year . Email:


Galicia Asturias , Cantabria and the Basque Country make the Cantabrian Mountains . Northern Spain has a cooler and wetter climate. Many Spaniards and foreigners are attracted by the Camino de Santiago or the festival of San Fermin. There are many cliffs , but also quiet and secluded beaches .


Mallorca e Ibiza Las Islas Baleares ofrecen multitud de contrastes: desde la tranquilidad de la cosmopolitaciudad de Palma hasta el bullicio de los complejos hoteleros de Ibiza, así como sus seductores e idílicos paisajes. El maravilloso clima de estas islas las convierte en un destino privilegiado para eventos dignos de


If you want to hold your event at any other location in Spain , contact us and we will help you decide the location I jor their wishes and needs adapting . Let yourself advice from our experts. They provide all the knowledge , experience and creativity to make your